Top 10 Reasons Why Car Dealers DON'T Need 360° Interior Vehicle Photos - Really?

If you really think about it, why would any dealer choose NOT to take a 360° photo of every vehicle in their inventory? It's kind of silly if you take a moment to think about it but there is still some resistance. To better understand why 360° vehicle interior photos are needed, it's important to explore the Top 10 Reasons Why Dealers Don't Want 360° vehicle photos.

#10 - We Take Photos In-House.
That's great to hear but have you considered the fact that in order to display 360° photos you will need a system to host, display and keep track of analytics? This is the one area in which we are unmatched. If you are up for it, we can even train your in-house photographers how to use our system.

#9 - Don't You Need a VR Headset?
That's a good observation and the short answer is NO but you CAN experience 360° in a VR (Virtual Reality) headset.

#8 - Third-Party Sites Can't Display.
Our upcoming launch of can! It's true that we have yet to receive any confirmation from third-party sites but it's coming. It took years for third-party sites to accept video and even then it was mostly Adobe Flash based and that's a dead technology.

#7 - No Other Dealer Uses Them.
Dealers are not using them because there are not many companies that can service them and host the viewer and images.

#6 - How Do You Spin The Car?
This is a common misunderstanding. They are thinking about exterior walk-around photos and videos. We do offer those as well, but interior 360° photos capture the entire photosphere- not just a panoramic view.

#5 - I Already Take 40 Photos.
Now that is a valid point but consider this- one 360° interior photo could save your customers a lot of frustration and time rather than flipping through 40 photos. It literally puts the customer in the car and allows them to look around it as if they are IN IT.

#4 - My Website Can't Display.
You have nothing to worry about with this. Our plug-in is universal and will work on any website. Your website company just needs to insert one line of code and you will be up and running.

#3 - Too Complicated.
It is complicated but we have created a system from the ground up that makes this easy for a dealer. We take the photos, process, upload/host, and display them. It's all in a day's work for us.

#2 -It's a fad and overrated.
Think again. It's here to stay and is becoming more mainstream every day. 360° video is the next big thing and we are ready for it now.

#1- Costs Too Much.
Really? ... pricing is less than traditional photos
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